Tying a Belt




Step 1: To secure the jacket, ensure that the belt is long enough to be wrapped around the waist twice.

Step 2: Take the two ends around the back and bring them together again at the front, making sure they are of equal length. Make sure that the belt is firm and not too loose or too tight.



Step 3: Cross the ends over, left over right.




Step 4: Pass the end that is in the right hand, under the belt, ensuring that the end passes behind both layers, close to the body.

Step 5: Cross right over left, making a knot with the end that is in your left hand by passing the belt under the top layer only.




Step 6: Pull tightly to secure the knot, making sure that the ends point downwards to avoid being flicked in the face when training. The finished result should present neatly and sit evenly.