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The most important thing for your progress is consistency and, focused effort. Attend class - even if you are: Not in the Mood, Sore, Tired, Grumpy, Bored, Low in Interest, Unhappy, Busy, Stressed, or, just plain don't want to! MOTION CREATES EMOTION. Just do it and, you will feel like it - and, enjoy it.

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Tying your belt

The Kneeling Posture

Where it all began (Search for: Iga Province)

The First Ninja "Hattori_Hanzo"




Dave Heald

Student support 2

Kamae no Kata

john o'connor british bujinkan dojos Ninjutsu bristol ninpo taijutsu self defence,
When things go wrong fall back on your Kamae

british bujinkan dojos john o'connor Ninjutsu bristol ninpo taijutsu self defence ninja massaki hatsumi

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