“For life not for sport”



Ninpo Taijutsu seminar with Sunday 7th April 2013

10.30am till 3pm



Tora Dojo (private dojo)

50 Maple Close
Little stoke

BS34 6HH

See web site for directions www.ninpo-taijutsu.co.uk


Price £25


Kukishinden Ryu



"HAPPO" means "8 ways".  "HIKENJUTSU" means "Secret sword".  The following is Kukeshinden ryu's Happo Hikenjutsu.

 Happo would have varied with the period of history, according to the weapons and needs of the time.


1. Gunryaku tenmon chimon

2. Jojutsu and hanbojutsu

3. Rokushakubo and body distancing

4. Naginata and Bisento

5. Short sword and juttejutsu

6. Horsemanship and water techniques

7. Shuriken and Senbanjutsu

8. Sojutsu


The above are called "Happo"


9. Taijutsu kenpo (sword) is called "Hikenjutsu"



There will be a 30 minute break at 12.30 please bring lunch

Bring all your training weapons

All students from any dojo welcome, call 01454 853508 to book your place